Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery involves using breast implants increase the size of your breasts or restore breast volume that has been lost after weight reduction or pregnancy

Breast augmentation can:

  • Increase fullness and projection of your breasts
  • Improve the balance of your figure
  • Enhance your self-image and self-confidenc

Breast augmentation does not correct severely drooping breasts. If you want your breasts to look fuller and to be lifted due to sagging, a breast lift may be required in conjunction with breast augmentation.

Breast lifting can often be done at the same time as your augmentation or may require a separate operation.

The implant can be placed  A. Under the pectoral muscle (a submuscular placement), or B. directly behind the breast tissue, over the pectoral muscle (a submammary/subglandular placement) The method for inserting and positioning breast implants depends on the type of implant, degree of enlargement desired.

A full range of high quality implants are available to suit all body size and shapes in order to achieve your desired outcome

Fat transfer breast augmentation

Fat transfer breast augmentation essentially uses liposuction to take fat from other parts of your body and inject it into your breasts.

This is an option for women who are looking for a relatively small increase in breast size and would prefer natural results. For best results TW or more procedures may be required.